Material Handling

Material Handling Equipment is right in the “sweet spot” for Unimacts. Highly specified, safety critical, heavy industrial mechanical parts and assemblies.

Unimacts is one of the top suppliers of counterweights in North America and now starting in Europe as well. Unimacts provides “perfect” surface finish, cast iron, final paint (including custom colors), high gloss, counterweights. We can also provide finished fabricated counterweights – either “high-end” (with logos) or “basic” (without logos). In addition to finished counterweights, we also provide very low cost “belly weights” – parts that do not have a perfect finish – they just provide weight.

Unimacts can deliver the best value proposition for our customers in precision fabrications and assemblies.

We understand SAFETY first – that if welds fail, people can die. Our relentless focus on process control allows us to provide the high quality (and highly productive) fabrications our customers need at costs similar to less precise shops. Unimacts provides heavy frame fabrications, mast assemblies and, of course, lighter gauge “skin” fabrications. As we do with counterweights, Unimacts provides black parts, primed parts or finished coated parts.

Unimacts has a long history of providing high quality, machined, castings – iron, ductile iron, steel, aluminum, etc. If you require line-ready, perfect parts with perfect documentation, every time, we are the right supplier. Our parts aren’t just ready on the surface, our commitment to quality is thorough and includes, chemistry, mechanicals, and “soundness”, as well.

Unimacts also does assemblies and/or kitting for our customers. This is turning out to be another big value proposition for our customers. We are happy to take on the detailed work – assembling parts, managing the small parts, performing assembly and test functions, etc. The Unimacts focus on process control and attention to detail is unrivaled in this area.

And of course, we put a system in place to deliver from a local just-in-time warehouse, so we can guarantee 100% OTD, even from a global supply base.

Material Handling Images

Forklift carrying materials