Castings is where Unimacts got its start, and remains one of our strongest product categories. Unimacts prefers technically difficult castings and the vast majority of our castings are machined, have finish paint, and often have associated parts or hardware.

Unimacts provides castings for numerous applications from a wide range of materials and processes:

  • Over 1 million MT of gray iron castings:

    • ranging from 5kg precision machined gearbox housings
    • to 14MT counterweights
  • A wide range of ductile iron castings including:

    • Basic 5 to 20kg machined housings
    • 200kg rail gearbox housings with Grade 1 x-ray soundness requirements
    • Numerous -40C Charpy ductile castings for windpower applications
  • Over 1 million low alloy steel castings, including:

    • The creation of a new alloy and investment casting process for a thin walled, x-ray quality, structural casting for a major US auto luxury brand
    • Numerous “typical” heavy duty steel castings for frames, yokes, etc. for Rail, Construction, etc. Many of these with x-ray quality zones
  • Numerous aluminum castings from sand, low pressure and high pressure die:

    • Extremely safety critical castings for platforms in aerial construction equipment
    • Precision (0.002” TP of multiple bores) multi-axis machined gear box housings
    • High pressure die cast hubs that had to withstand extreme fatigue life

Castings Images

Casted shell
Metal being poured into a cast
Metal being poured into a cast
Close up of a finalized tool cast
Hoffman & Lamson machine
Cast metal object in factory
Cast metal object
Cast metal object in factory
UPM metal part
UPM metal part