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Safety Critical High-Quality Manufacturing

Fabrications generally represent our best value proposition of any product category. Unimacts delivers excellent value here because these parts are typically safety critical for our customers and require very high-quality manufacturing (base steel quality, weld quality, NDT, dimensional precision, etc.) and exceptionally detailed supporting documentation. Unimacts is in AWS shops with strong process controls, certified welders and highly qualified NDT inspectors and equipment.

Unimacts has produced hundreds of wind turbine towers ranging from very tall specialty towers to standard utility class towers, medium wind towers and small hydraulic tilt-up towers. We have produced for both North America and Europe, meeting all local code requirements.

Unimacts produces thousands of heavy fabrications for critical applications in heavy industry (e.g. frames where failure is not an option) and wind.

We also provide small fabrications and heavy stampings, combined with hardware, into customer-ready kits.

Unimacts specializes in Complex Steel Fabrications for Mobile Construction Machinery. Services include:

  • Chassis’, Frames, Links, Booms, Tanks, Guarding, etc.
  • High Strength, Wear Resistant and Low Temp Steel Alloys
  • Robotic Welding with Engineered Jigs and Fixtures
  • CNC and Conventional Large Part Machining
  • Wet Paint, Powder Coat, E-Coat and Zinc Thermal Spray
  • Welding, Mechanical, and Metallurgical Engineers on Staff
  • 3D Measurement with CMM
  • AWS, EN, CWB & GB/T Welding Standards
  • ISO 9001 and EN ISO 3834 Quality Standards

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Wind tower section for turbine fabrication