Torque Tubes

In 2019 Unimacts has manufactured over 3 Gw of tube. That equates to over 23 tons of metal. If you lay the tube end-to-end it would go almost all the way around the world and equal just over 22K miles. All of this has been executed with unparalleled quality and product performance.

Our team of engineers, quality managers and logistics experts are well -versed in HTS code determination and classifications.

Torque Beam Assemblies – tube / coupler kit /end cap

Megawatt in a Box. Because Unimacts is able to provide 90% of the components for a solar array. We are also able to create kits, we like to call Megawatt in a Box. One customer had Unimacts kit and ship 25 solar rows per container. The bulk of the balance-of-systems was included. (We do not manufacture solar panels). There is a substantial value-add to sending out, a Megawatt in a Box. Once the container arrives at site, it is much easier to do the installation of the solar array. It is also much more cost effective to think through the kitting prior to shipment and to create partial assemblies. This is a tremendous savings versus working it out at the installation site. Other solar components we manufacture include:

  • Couplers

  • Drivelines- standard and new quick release

  • Drawbars and springs (part of tube damper system)

  • Hardware – Various special bolts, locking nuts, pins

  • Gearbox (supplier identified)

  • Center Assembly / stampings

  • Gear Rack

Tubes Images

Tube for solar array. Balance of systems.
Square tube for solar array. Balance of systems. Steel in Mexico.
Warehoused tubing in Logistics and Operations Center
Megawatt in a box. Kitted Solar balance of systems.
Tubes in factory. Solar balance of systems. Steel.
Tube being loaded onto truck. Solar balance of systems.
Tube ready to be delivered. Solar balance of systems. Steel.