The “Engineering” that we typically do at Unimacts is engineering support and design for manufacturing support.

We do NOT design or sell any Unimacts branded products. We are a contract manufacturer supporting our customer’s products. We do NOT do any “creative” design work. We do the grunt work – the detail oriented “Operational Excellence” and execution work.

Just about everyone at Unimacts is an engineer, so we have the resources to do small projects with our in-house team. For larger projects, with a high volume of repetitive work, we have a long-time (15 years) partner in India with 50+ engineers and all the software programs we might need.

We will often get involved early on in the process. We can do things like drawing clean-up and conversion – e.g. taking old 2D paper drawings and converting them to 3D models, adding GD&T, etc.

We can also take old products and convert them to metric for globalization – e.g. change all specs from ASTM to European specs, change all dimensions from inches to mm (and do this intelligently), run the FEAs to make sure the new designs still work, etc.

Engineer Images

Undescript Schematics