Lean Sigma

We are serious about Quality. We are passionate about Quality. Given the fact that we have a low-margin business model, making highly-specified safety-critical parts, Quality is a strategic imperative for Unimacts. The Leadership of Unimacts has been in our customers shoes. We have rolled out Lean Sigma programs in big world-class companies, we have been Quality Managers, we have taken factories through ISO certification, etc. We understand and appreciate what our customers expect from their supply chain.

When we talk about Quality, we are talking about Quality in it broadest sense. Yes, the parts we deliver must meet every drawing, spec and sub-spec called out on the order – that is a given. But we really think of quality as an output of solid processes – Operational Excellence.

Given the parts we make, Safety is the #1 objective. Unimacts and our customers can recover from most “defects” in our supply chain except for killing or seriously injuring someone. Our safety critical parts must be made to spec so they don’t fail in service. Our racks and packaging must be robust so that people don’t get hurt handling the product. We must enforce a safe working environment.

As we said, our parts must be to spec – period. But we must also provide the documentation to support the products because part of our value prop is making sure the customers can take the parts directly from us and drop them into their production line. And do this with confidence that the parts will be perfect.

This focus on processes, not only enables us to have high quality, but it also enables us to reduce costs through improved productivity. This applies to our manufacturing and logistics processes, as well as our administrative processes. This enables us to reduce costs and improve our quality and our customer service.

Other topics that fall into the Quality realm for us are environmental practices, protection of our customer’s intellectual property, and other fundamental Integrity issues. It is all about running a good solid business that we can all feel proud of. Business practices that pass the “front page of the Wall Street Journal” test.