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Safety. Quality. Delivery. Cost.

We develop, source, and produce highly specified products from a global supply chain.


Onsite Unimacts Engineers at Global Manufacturing Facilities in 6 Countries


Logistics and Operations Centers Close to Customers. Light Manufacturing, Kitting, Paint, etc.


Our customers are Fortune 100 and they order massive industrial parts.

Over $1 Billion managed
26 Locations
4 Continents


We engineer, source, manufacture, and deliver to our customers. We engage with customers from the project level all the way through complete management of the supply chain and all subcontractors. We have Unimacts engineers and project managers onsite at manufacturing facilities and logistics and operations centers that are co-located with our customers.


By engineers, for engineers. Everything we do is focused on safety, quality, delivery and cost. Not one of these is comprised to deliver the others. We have engineers working onsite to actively decrease any instances of less-than-perfect parts. Unimacts has successfully improved customer ROI through consistent delivery of good parts just-in-time. Engage with us on a project level through to the entire supply chain management.


The products and services that Unimacts provides are relevant to numerous industries that are characterized by highly-specified, mechanical, industrial products. Similar to most large global contract manufacturers, we wind up supporting more than one player in a specific industry, but we extremely focused on protecting our customer’s intellectual property. Depending on our customers’ requirements, we can put extra protective measures in place such as exclusive manufacturing locations.


International Industrial Manufacturing Services Company

Unimacts is a global industrial manufacturing services company, with a presence in North America, Western Europe, Asia and Australia. We partner with Industrial OEMs and work to reduce costs, improve quality and service throughout the supply chain.

Unimacts was founded in 2002 by an executive formerly of GE. It has experienced continuous growth for over 15 years. Unimacts operates on 4 continents and has sourced over $1 billion of product.

Global Manufacturing Partners

Unimacts has engineers around the world, at manufacturing facilities. We work with facilities in Europe, North America, China, and India. Unimacts engineers work directly with our manufacturing partners to actively supervise. We have Unimacts country managers and project managers on site at the manufacturing facilities.

Global and Domestic Logistics

Engineers and supply chain professionals manage the global logistics into domestic local Logistics and Operation centers. The Logistics and Operations Centers, or LOCs are co-located near our customers. The LOCs, are equipped to handle light manufacturing, kitting, painting, minor repairs, and reverse logistics. The product is then delivered just-in-time to the customer. These LOCs can be found around the globe and are often co-located with our customers. LOCs can also hold a buffer stock so that the customer can enjoy JIT delivery of inventory and LCC pricing.