trackers in array

Optimizing BOS, balance of system, products is what Unimacts does best. Our goal is to get the components to you the most cost-efficient way possible while meeting the highest quality standards. As engineers, we understand that setup costs are important too, so we work with you to kit components so that their assembly at the site doesn’t involve unwanted additional cost and labor hours.

Tracker & Fixed Mount Components:

Structural Steel Segments / Tubing
Heavy Duty Tracking Components

Precision Machined Drivelines
Welded Assemblies
Motor Controls/Enclosures
Ground Anchors/Hardware
Kitting and Sub-Assembly

State of the Art Manufacturing:

Roll Forming Sections, Tube and Open Profile.
Stamping / Progressive Die
Casting Foundry
CNC Machining
Water Jet / Laser Cutting
Testing / 3rd Party Certification

Engineered Materials:

Hot Dipped Galvanized
Stainless Steels
Cast Steels
Bronze Alloys

Solar Images

Closeup of solar parts
Drivelines at factory
Solar gear box
Solar ground screws
Solar tracker slewing drive
Solar panel in field
Stacked tubing
BOS - no cust name
Solar Enclosure
Solar Screws
Grounded Screw
Solar Bolts
Square tube
Roll formed tube leaving Unimacts Mexico solar
Solar Piles. Color coded for length. W Beam. Mexico Steel.
Solar Piles. Color coded for length. W Beam. Mexico Steel.
Balance of system solar. solar piles shipping out of Mexico factory. Steel.