The leaders of Unimacts have been in the Wind Industry for 25 years, working for some of the earliest players in the industry, in the US and Europe. We have experiences in sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, new product development, mergers and acquisitions, setting up global tower suppliers, running FRP factories, etc.

And for nearly 15 years now Unimacts has thrived in the wind industry. This experience includes a variety of mechanical components and systems. Again, we focus on highly-specified products, and one of our advantages is that we have been in wind so long, we have a solid understanding of the detailed specification requirements.

Unimacts is able to provide towers of all types – including innovative design tall towers, utility-class tubular towers, medium size tubular or lattice towers and small hydraulic tilt up towers.

Unimacts has provided a wide range of “basic” mechanical parts, including safety critical heavy precision machined fabrications, low temp ductile castings, forged rings and shafts, internals, etc.

Unimacts can provide a full range of FRP and plastic parts – including “simple” aftermarket parts like vortex generators, various nacelle cover components, small/medium blades and utility-class blades.

We are now starting to take on some more complex assemblies such as a lube oil system and even a PMDD generator.

In all of this, not only do we like to provide the parts, but we like to provide them in kits – add in the fasteners and small associated parts – we are happy to take on this “small stuff” that the OEMs generally don’t like to deal with.

And we have the ability to support all of this with basic engineering and drawing/modeling services if necessary.

Wind Images

Siemens wind turbine
Nordex Nacelle Loaded on Fixtures
Nordex Nacelle Loaded on Fixtures
Turbine hub
Large roto on ship
Parts Shipment
Wind tower shipment
Wind tower parts
Wind tower part
Wind tower part
Wind tower part
Someone getting wind tower part ready for shipment
Wind tower part closeup
Wind tower on ship