Close up of metal pieces ready to be assembled

Assemblies have become the biggest area of growth for Unimacts over the past few years due to our ability to execute here and deliver strong value for our customers. We not only deliver strong value for our customers here, but these programs are a lot more interesting/fun for our engineers.

Complex Projects and Highly Specified Parts

A project where we delivered entire towers with thousands of parts (fabricated parts, cast parts, forged parts, electrical parts, ladders, etc.) comprising twenty 40’ shipping containers per unit. We developed, sourced and assembled generators that include forgings, castings, high end permanent magnets. We do well here due to the fact that we are good at highly specified parts, we have great attention to detail, and we are small and efficient enough to be able to take care of all the small transactions necessary.

Critical Assemblies

We also do some less complex, but equally critical and valuable assemblies. Things like assembled rotor hubs that include large precision machined low temp ductile iron castings, balancing of the parts, fasteners, adhesives and other miscellaneous parts. We do assemblies for construction equipment that include castings, fabrications, basic stock and fasteners.

Assemblies Images

Close up of aerial work platform hinges
Aerial work platform closed and extended
Close up of aerial work platform hinges
S80 Chassis
Aerial work platform fully extended inside a factory
Close up of aerial work platform closed