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Make Your Solar Projects Shine

As one of the largest global suppliers of mechanical and structural components to the solar industry, Unimacts supplies leading tracker companies and EPCs worldwide. We have supplied tens of thousands of containers and truckloads, equating to over 5 GW of product to customers on every continent except Antarctica.

Unimacts supplies nearly every mechanical and structural component one can find in a solar project, including:

  • Torque tube and torque beam assemblies
  • Slewing drives
  • Solar Modules
  • Piles
  • Rail Assemblies
  • Bearings
  • Dampers
  • Couplers
  • Gearboxes, transmissions and drivelines
  • Electrical cabinets/enclosures
  • Specialty Fasteners
  • Ground screws
  • Kitting and sub-assembly of all components
Unimacts is a leading manufacturer and supplier of components for the solar industry.

We manufacture these products from our factory in Las Vegas, Nevada and partner factories in China and India. In many cases, components are assembled and delivered from strategic locations in the USA.

We work with our customers to provide DFM (design for manufacturing) support to find ways to reduce cost and increase reliability.  We typically offer multiple products in combined kits or sub-assemblies.  We work closely with you to find ways to reduce global logistics costs and duties/tariffs/taxes.

The majority of our business is for the major players in the industry and large projects. Still, we also enjoy working with emerging, high-growth companies with innovative solutions for the industry.  We desire to help companies achieve significant growth.

Industrial Certifications

Unimacts is ISO9001/2015 certified and our UOS (Unimacts Operating System) is based on Lean Six Sigma. Our materials, welding and coating processes are typically based on ASTM, AWS, or EN specifications. These industry certifications help ensure that your solar projects are built to and uphold the highest quality and performance standards.

Unimacts Torque Tube Production

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    Unimacts manufactures torque tubes and solar poles for the solar industry.
    Unimacts manufactures steel piles for the solar farm industry
    Square Tubing from Unimacts
    Unimacts is a top rated supplier of ground screws for the solar industry.
    Solar Component Manufacturers
    Solar tracker components supplier in the USA.
    Torque Tube Manufacturer in Mexico
    Unimacts is a leading manufacturer of solar torque tubes.
    Ground Screws for Solar Projects
    Steel Beam Supplier in the USA
    Steel Tubing from Unimacts.
    Solar Steel Tubing Manufacturers in the USA.
    Unimacts is a global solar manufacturer of components for the solar industry.
    Unimacts is a leading manufacturer of solar components.
    Torque Tube Solar Design from Unimacts Solar
    Unimacts Steel Products
    Torque Tube for Solar Farms
    Unimacts solar energy parts manufacturers
    Torque Tubes for the Solar Panel Industry
    Unimacts is a manufacturer and supplier of solar torque tubes.
    Unimacts manufactures torque tubes for solar trackers.
    Unimacts manufactures steel tubing for solar farms.
    Unimacts has the fastest turnaround lead times for torque tubes for the solar farm industry.
    Unimacts is a leading manufacturer of steel pipes for the solar industry
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    Steel Piles for the Solar Industry from Unimacts
    Square Tubing with Punch
    Solar Ground Screws from Unimacts
    Structural components for the Solar Piles Industry
    Solar Tracker Components from Unimacts
    Solar Torque Tube Delivery in North America
    Solar Tracker Torque Tube Manufacturers - Unimacts
    Ground Screws for the Solar Farms
    Beams for Solar Projects
    Steel Tubing for Solar Farm Projects
    Solar Steel Manufacturers
    Components for the Solar Industry
    Torque Beam Assembly
    Solar Piles Manufacturers USA
    Solar Torque Tubes
    Unimacts manufactures high quality torque tubes for solar trackers worldwide.
    Unimacts is a leading manufacturer of solar energy parts and components.
    Unimacts manufactures torque tubes for the solar industry and other industries worldwide.
    Unimacts is a leading manufacturer of torque tubes for the solar tracker industry.
    Unimacts manufactures and supplies torque tubes for solar trackers of all brands.
    Unimacts manufactures steel tubing products for solar panel farms.
    Unimacts manufactures high quality steel torque tubes for the solar industry.
    Unimacts Las Vegas is a leading manufacturer of steel pipes for the global solar industry.
    Piles for Solar Farms
    Steel Piles
    Square Tubing for the Solar Power Industry
    Solar Ground Screws
    Solar Industry Components from Unimacts
    Solar Tracker Slewing Drive
    Solar Torque Tubes in Mexico from Unimacts
    Torque Tube Manufacturers for the Solar Industry
    Solar Ground Screws
    Steel Beams for the Solar Industry
    Steel Tube Manufacturer for the Solar Power Industry.
    Solar Steel
    Solar Components Suppliers
    Torque Beam Assemblies
    Torque Tube Solar
    Precision Steel Tubing for Solar Farms
    Torque Tube for Solar Trackers
    Solar Energy Parts Manufacturers
    Solar Torque Tubes
    Torque Tubes Solar Trackers
    Solar Tracker Torque Tube Factory
    Steel Tubing for Solar Panels
    Torque Tube Solar Panel Trackers
    Steel Pipes for the Solar Industry
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    Contact Unimacts for exceptional design engineering, logistics, and international manufacturing. Our flexible approach reduces solar part costs and delivers highly-specified mechanical industrial products manufactured with world-class quality.

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