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Unimacts Executives are some of the early pioneers in the Wind Industry, having started in the industry in both Europe and the USA over 25 years ago. Our leadership has been engaged in all aspects of the industry; manufacturing, sourcing, supply chain, engineering, new product development, merger, and acquisitions, etc. We have been deeply involved with all mechanical and some electrical, aspects: towers, blades, castings, fabrications, gearboxes, frames, generators, etc. We have worked closely in all sizes of wind: small, medium, on-shore, and off-shore. Unimacts' depth and breadth in wind are unmatched by our competition. Wind is not only good business for Unimacts; it is one of our passions.

Unimacts supplies nearly all mechanical components for wind turbines of all sizes:

  • Fabrications - steel and aluminum, large and small
  • Castings - ductile iron, steel and miscellaneous non-ferrous castings
  • Precision machined components
  • FRP - a wide range of composite parts
  • Racks / Fixtures - handling and transport frames for nacelles, hubs, blades, towers, etc.
  • Forged rings and shafts
  • Slewing rings and bearings
  • Towers - including internals
  • Specialty fasteners
Unimacts is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wind energy products, parts, components, and replacements.
Wind Turbine Parts and Assemblies

Unimacts can provide a full range of FRP, plastic, and aftermarket parts and complex assemblies, including:

  • Vortex generators
  • Nacelle cover components
  • Small and medium blades
  • Utility-class blades
  • Lube oil systems
  • PMDD generators
Mechanical Parts

Unimacts provides a wide range of essential mechanical parts, including:

  • Safety-critical, heavy-precision machined fabrications
  • Low-temp ductile castings
  • Forged rings and shafts
  • Internals
Wind System Component Kits

As engineers, we understand setup cost concerns, so we'll gladly set up kits that include fasteners and small associated parts that OEMs generally don't provide. These value-added kits are designed for easy onsite assembly to help you eliminate excessive cost and labor hours setting up your wind systems.

Industrial Certifications

Unimacts is ISO9001/2015 certified and our UOS (Unimacts Operating System) is based on Lean Six Sigma. Our materials, welding and coating processes are typically based on ASTM, AWS, or EN specifications. These industry certifications help ensure that your wind power projects are built to and uphold the highest quality and performance standards.

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    Unimacts is a global leader in the wind turbine industry.
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    Contact Unimacts for exceptional design engineering, logistics, and international manufacturing. Our flexible approach reduces wind part costs and delivers highly specified mechanical industrial products manufactured with world-class quality.

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