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Castings are where Unimacts cut our teeth in the industry, and it remains one of our most popular product categories. This long-standing experience makes Unimacts uniquely qualified to solve casting problems that could otherwise cost time, money, and productivity and ensures that you are satisfied with the quality of the finished product.

Unimacts is a manufacturer and supplier of castings for various industries.
Advantages of Unimacts Castings

Due to our experience and engineering expertise, Unimacts prefers technically complex castings, which raises the quality and value of the castings we provide.

The vast majority of Unimacts castings are:

Aluminum Castings

Our product offerings include:

  • Sand, low-pressure, and high-pressure dies
  • Extremely safety-critical castings for platforms in aerial construction equipment
  • Precision (0.002" TP of multiple bores) multi-axis machined gearbox housings
  • High-pressure, die-cast hubs built to withstand extreme fatigue life
Copper Alloy Castings

Numerous castings for the water industry, wind, power transmission, etc. Wide variety of alloys including no lead bronze (e.g. C89520), phos bronze, and many others.

Gray Iron Castings

Unimacts has produced more than one million MT of gray iron castings ranging from 5kg precision gearbox housings to machined 14MT counterweights.

Ductile Iron Castings

We produce an extensive range of ductile iron castings, including:

  • Basic 5 to 20kg machined housings
  • 200kg rail gearbox housings with Grade 1 x-ray soundness requirements
  • Multiple -40C Charpy ductile castings for wind-power applications (EN-GJS-400-22-LT)
Low-Alloy Steel Castings

Unimacts has produced more than one million low-alloy steel castings, including:

  • Creating a new alloy and investment casting process for a thin-walled, x-ray quality, structural casting for a significant U.S. luxury auto brand
  • Heavy-duty steel castings for frames and yokes with x-ray quality zones for the rail and construction industries
Various Alloy Castings

Unimacts has helped developed new applications in 304 and 316 stainless for customers, produced complex high nickel alloys for power generation castings, produced corrosion resistant castings, etc.

Industrial Certifications

Unimacts is certified in the ISO9001/2015 quality management system and Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology. These industry certifications help ensure that your precision-machined parts are built to and uphold the highest standards of quality and performance.

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