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Roll Forming Beyond Your Expectations

Unimacts is the single-source supplier to rely on for high-quality roll-formed products delivered at competitive pricing from anywhere in the world. Since 2002, we have produced more than 100,000 tons of roll-formed products and have become one of the largest and highest-quality roll-forming suppliers, particularly to the solar industry.

Unimacts is a top-rated roll forming company for the solar industry.
Global Roll-Forming Production and Delivery
  • Unimacts operates two modern, high-capacity, rolling lines and associated blow-galvanization lines in China. From these lines, Unimacts provides some of the lowest cost C3/C4 products in the world.
  • Our facility in India operates a high-capacity line for running pre-galvanized forms with the ability to tool up additional lines very quickly and efficiently to improve productivity.
  • Our newest manufacturing facility in Las Vegas enables us to expand production of modern, high-quality forming and tooling to supply and deliver products that meet our customers' stringent specifications and project requirements worldwide.
Unimacts Roll-Forming Capabilities
  • 3"–8" diameter x 2mm–7mm wall thickness
  • Drilling and swaging
  • State-of-the-art hot-dipped galvanizing
  • Pre-galvanized rolling
  • Inline process controls — including eddy-current testing
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)-managed operations at all facilities
The Benefits of Working With Unimacts

Unimacts' global experience and expertise in supply chain management streamline your production process by providing:

  • Lower production costs
  • Higher production efficiency
  • Greater part design flexibility
  • Superior tolerances and consistency
Industrial Certifications

Unimacts is certified in the ISO9001/2015 quality management system and Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology. These industry certifications help ensure that your precision-machined parts are built to and uphold the highest standards of quality and performance.

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    Unimacts is a global roll forming company with a wide range of roll forming capabilities.
    Unimacts is a global roll forming manufacturer with locations throughout the world.
    Unimacts has North American operations of roll forming with quick delivery of supplies.
    Unimacts is a Solar Roll Forming Company with Global Operations.
    Unimacts is a precision roll forming products manufacturer.
    Unimacts is a high quality roll form company in the USA.
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