Single-Source Global Manufacturing Solutions

Paint / Coatings

Painting industrial parts is not a core competency for many OEMs throughout the world, but it is for Unimacts. Our Logistics and Operations Center (LOC), located in Wapato, WA, is the home of our international painting center. This state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to provide high-quality painting and coating capabilities for a wide range of […]


Assemblies have become a significant growth area for Unimacts due to our ability to execute and deliver exceptional quality and substantial value for our customers. These complex assemblies also provide a benefit not often discussed in industrial circles — they are challenging and exciting to work on and allow our engineers to pursue their passion […]

Roll Forming

Unimacts is the single-source supplier to rely on for high-quality roll-formed products delivered at competitive pricing from anywhere in the world. Since 2002, we have produced more than 100,000 tons of roll-formed products and have become one of the largest and highest-quality roll-forming suppliers, particularly to the solar industry. Global Roll-Forming Production and Delivery Unimacts […]


Precision machining allows you to create flexible manufacturing systems that deliver greater speed, agility, and productivity while lowering total cost. With our global manufacturing network and international engineering expertise, Unimacts can identify, produce and deliver high-quality, highly specialized precision-machined components to control and optimize production and performance. The Advantages of Working With Unimacts No matter […]


Fabrications generally represent our best value proposition of any product category. Unimacts delivers excellent value to our customers because these parts typically require safety-critical, high-quality manufacturing: Base steel quality Weld quality NDT Dimensional precision Exceptionally detailed supporting documentation Wind Tower Fabrications Unimacts has produced hundreds of wind-turbine towers throughout North America and Europe that meet […]

FRP / Composites

When partnering with Unimacts, you are gaining access to more than two decades of engineering expertise and experience in high-quality fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) and other composites. Unimacts also provides mechanical metal parts similar to and sought by many customers who purchase FRP and composite components. There are significant logistical advantages and efficiencies to sourcing […]


Unimacts has a long history of forging high-quality, highly specialized rings for wind turbine towers and other industrial applications. This experience, coupled with our global supplier network, makes Unimacts uniquely qualified to eliminate forging problems that could cost time, money, and productivity and ensures that you’re satisfied with the quality of the finished product. We […]


Castings are where Unimacts cut our teeth in the industry, and it remains one of our most popular product categories. This long-standing experience makes Unimacts uniquely qualified to solve casting problems that could otherwise cost time, money, and productivity and ensures that you are satisfied with the quality of the finished product. Advantages of Unimacts […]